Kristen Ashley – Rock Chick Renegade – Rock Chick #4

Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, #4)My rating: 5 of 5 stars

50 stars for this one…… it’s my favorite!

Jules is a tough one, dishing out vigilante justice. She can’t save every kid in the street, but she has two that she’s working on mighty hard!

Vance watches her, saves her, fights with her and tries to keep the Rock Chicks from a vigilante of their own.

He is one hot man with a major plan……….. he’s a bad-ass and an alpha that you will love!!!!!!! *SIGH*****

Lee Nightingale adopts Jules as one of his own because she can fight, shoot and keep the bad guys guessing what is next. She can hang with the guys of Nightingale Investigations.

Her first night of passion with Vance is unreal!!!!!!!!

Click the link below to purchase.
Rock Chick Revenge


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