Rebecca Zanetti


The Kayrs family leads not only the vampire nation, but also the Realm, which is a coalition of vampires, shifters, and witches.   Years ago, an evil vampire race called the Kurjans declared war on the Realm by creating a deadly virus that infects vampire mates.  The virus attacks chromosomal pairs and takes mates from immortal to human, and maybe down to death.  No cure for the virus has been found for mates, and the vampires, who are male only, know that time is running short.


  1. FATED: Talen and Cara’s book
  2. CLAIMED: Dage and Emma’s book
    1. 2.5  TEMPTED: Max and Sarah’s novella
  3. HUNTED: Conn and Moira’s book
  4. CONSUMED: Jordan and Katie’s book
  5. PROVOKED: Kane and Amber’s book
    1. 5.5  TWISTED: Terrent and Maggie’s novella
  6. SHADOWED: Jase and Brenna’s book
    1. 6.5  TAMED: Caleb and Lily’s novella
  7. MARKED: Janie’s book

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