Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

Caleb is a man desperately looking for his sister. He tracks down a psychic who can find a missing person simply by touching something that was theirs. Ramie has been running from a madman, hiding wherever she can to get away. When Caleb finds her, neither of their lives will ever be the same.

Quote: “She stared bleakly at him, telling him without words that he’d struck a chord within her, and he was kicking himself for being so blunt. His words had to hurt her. It brought back with startling clarity just how dire her situation was. And he saw something in her eyes that made him want to put his fist through the wall.”

For the first book in a new paranormal series, this one was a goodie.  A few times through the book, I wanted to club Ramie in the head and tell her to shut up and listen. She is very stubborn. I loved Caleb and his whole hearted insistence that he was gonna take care of Ramie whether she liked it or not. They are brought together by a psycho serial killer. It’s got danger, suspense, love, hate, and crazy all mixed together. All in all, a must read for the Maya Banks fan!

Quote: “Caleb shot to his feet again. “The fuck I’m staying here! Ramie is mine. I love her. And I can’t for one minute let her continue to think that I did this to her! That it was me who handed her over to a psychopath.”


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