In His Keeping By Maya Banks

Ari is a young girl, protected and coddled by her parents her whole life. But she has a secret to hide. When her parents are abducted, she follows her father’s drilled into her head advice and searches out Beau. Beau takes one look at Ari and decides he must help her.

“Let Doctor Carey at lease ease your physical pain. The emotional pain will be much harder to bear, but you’re strong, Ari. You have me. From this point forward, consider me your constant shadow. You will never be out of my eyesight unless I have men I absolutely trust surrounding you.”

I loved book 2 more than the first one. Ari is a strong character, who won’t take no for an answer. Beau is hotness on two legs and definitely knows how to prove it. Together, they stand through all kinds of unimaginable pain and danger. The action and adventure of this book has me wanting to reach for book 3.

“A really big O. Corny pun absolutely intended. ‘I think I just figured out what a g-spot is,’ she said in wonder. His chest rumbled with laughter and his teeth flashed as a grin widened on his face.”

Buy the book here:

In His Keeping: A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels Book 2)


One thought on “In His Keeping By Maya Banks

  1. Wanted to share with you a couple of authors I’ve been reading. Joanna Wylde–Reapers series. All about motorcycle gangs and life. There are 4 books at this point. Enjoy! Also I found a indie author her name is E.K. Blair she has two books one called Bang and the other called Echco. Hold on to your hats with theses two books!!!

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