Luke’s Absolution – K.L. Kreig – Review

Luke's Absolution (The Colloway Brothers, #3)Luke’s Absolution by K.L. Kreig

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** This book was kindly provided by NetGalley for an honest review***** Will be released March 26th, 2016!!!

It has taken me 10 minutes looking at this screen to try and put into words how I feel about this book and its characters. It is absolutely one of the best books I have ever read….. no joke. And I have read a few let me tell you. But you cannot start with this book because the previous 3 in this series are almost as good.

Luke is such an enigma and he’s deep let me tell you. There is so much he has had to deal with, but he knows what he wants and what he needs and Addy is it for him. No holds bared. She’s stubborn and just as troubled, but hides it so well. I cried, I lost my breath….. its just that good. LOOK for the last in this series coming soon….. DESTINATION CONNELLY (releasing summer 2016).

Kreig takes you through this story of undeniable love, passion, healing and bordering obsession that you simply cannot put it down. I felt like I was literally right in that book feeling all those emotions. I’m sold, I’m done……… she is at the top of my author list folks.

I’m going to be watching for the first available time I can meet her when she comes south!!!!

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