A Just Clause By Lorna Barrett

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. I have followed this series from the beginning and watched as the characters have developed. A Just Clause picks up 5 months after a Title Wave ended which several things going on with the Miles sisters. Tricia is once again hosting a book signing for author Steven Richardson that she had previously met on the Queen Mary cruise ship in the previous book. Steven looked to be a hopeful suitor for Tricia at the beginning. Will this also be another doomed relationship?

As the signing progresses there are several odd occurrences from the appearance of the sister’s father to outburst for people attending the signing which all leads to the girls finding a BODY after the signing. Who could be the killer???? Their father, author Steven Richardson or someone else from the village. 
As the book progresses you see the interactions the sisters have with the mainstays in the series along with their father and mother.. I loved how everyone showed up in the book unlike the previous one. I had missed all the quirky characters. 

Of course in order to clear their father’s name Tricia investigates the murder with the help of several townspeople. Of course if one body is not enough… Tricia, Angelica and Sarge (who I believe has a 6th sense for bodies) founds another body …. who was also a suspect. 
There was several twist and turns that I had not foreseen or expected and was truly shocked to found out the murder/murderers at the end. I can not wait for the next in the series and makes me want to reread the whole series once again!


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