About the Sisters

Finding the perfect book, sharing the awesome friendship, and laughing at those crazy jokes are just a few of the antics of the “sisters” of Untamed Bibliophiles. Not too long ago the “sisters”, as I will call us, decided to try our hand at blogging and here we are. We are an eclectic group who love reading different genres, so what better way to share reviews of books than giving reviews on one blog?

Now I’ll tell you, we tend to lay it all out there with our reviews and hope your curiosity will bring you back time and time again. You will see reviews from Allena, Deannie, Marie, and a friend or two every now and then.

For our Readers – When we review a book, we will always include where the book came from and give you an honest review no matter the source.

Do we review for authors? We can’t guarantee that a sister will be able to receive any book for review, but we will certainly try. Any type of romance, (erotica, chick-flick or just a good old-fashioned girl meets the guy), murder-mystery and suspense will be considered for review. We try to match book type with the sister that would best review it and may decline if a sister is unavailable to accept new books. Inquiry by email only, please.

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