Danse Macabre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #14) by Laurell Hamilton

“I’m dating three men, living with two more, and having occasional sex with two others. That’s seven men. I’m like a pornographic Snow White. I think seven is plenty.”

This quote from Danse Macabre spells out the whole book. There is A LOT of sex. A LOT! However, the story line begins to get back in line with the first books in the series. Jean Claude invites several other Masters from other cities into St. Louis to celebrate the new vampire dance group that is taking the country by storm. Of course, it backfires on all of them.

Anita has so many “boyfriends”, it becomes difficult to keep track of who is who and where they fit. Richard is difficult as always. Micah and Nathaniel are supportive. Jean Claude is Jean Claude. 🙂

All in all, a good read for the Anita fan and HOT for those looking for a sexy book.

Danse Macabre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 14)


Micah (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 13) by Laurell Hamilton

Micah………I need a tissue to wipe the drool off my chin. The story picks up with Anita and Micah making a trip to raise a zombie all by themselves. The book was a quick read, seeming a lot shorter than the normal Anita Blake book. To me, it just seemed like Laurell took a step back from all the crazy that has happened so far in the series to take a breather. That being said, it was a good read, filled with questions and the evolution of Anita’s feelings about the whole situation she’s in. It has a lot less drama and kinda soothed me and renewed the ability to finish reading the series.

All in all, a must-read if you love Anita Blake.


Micah (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 13)