Constantine A History, Part 3 – Donna Grant – Cover Reveal

We are so excited to be sharing the cover for New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant’s CONSTANTINE: A HISTORY PART 3. This short story set in the world of the Dark Kings will be released on July 2, 2018!

The third – and final – short story involving Constantine, King of Dragon Kings from New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant. Fans of the Dragon King series will want to get another peek into the mysterious leader’s past.

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One Summer – Two Dragon Kings
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Constantine: A History Part 3


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. Her latest acclaimed series, Dark Kings, features a thrilling combination of dragons, Fae, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children and an assortment of animals in Texas. Visit Donna at

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From Russia With Fangs – Jacey Conrad and Gia Corona – Pre-Release Blitz

FromRussiaFangs_COVERNew from Molly Harper, writing as Jacey Conrad, and Gia Corona:
From Russia With fangs! The companion novel to the best selling From Russia with Claws, this time we hear sister Irina’s story.


Between her family’s drunken antics and vicious verbal attacks from her so-called friends, Irina Sudenko Volkov is having the worst night ever. And that’s before she’s widowed.

Volatile, cheating, no-good Sergei’s death-by-assassin unleashes chaos in the werewolf criminal underground. Irina’s panicked Papa assigns Beta wolf Viktor Zhukovsky to Irina’s security detail until her husband’s killer is found. As Irina’s world crumbles around her, the perfect princess mask falls away and Viktor meets the sharp, passionate woman underneath. Their initial chemistry gives way to a deeper attraction when Irina begins to see the decency underneath Viktor’s gruff, tattooed exterior, despite his insistence that it doesn’t exist.

Their tendency to find themselves semi-nude and in enclosed spaces is a source of amusement to her sister, Galina, but each of them knows of the deadly consequences if their relationship is brought to light. Things get even more complicated when Papa Sudenko begins to match-make Irina and Andrey Lupesco, who also happens to be in a secret relationship with Galina. Family dinners are awkward. With danger closing in on all sides, Irina has to find her claws and learn to howl.

In the much-anticipated sequel to From Russia with Claws, readers get a new perspective of the lusty exploits of the untameable Sudenko family. Gia Corona and Jacey Conrad craft a delightful tale of the anything-but-average human Irina and the libidinous lycanthropes in her life.

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About The Authors:

Jacey Conrad is a sushi-loving, pop culture nerd living in the South with her high school
sweetheart. She delights in horribly made mutant shark movies and watching Sean Bean die in his various cinematic incarnations. To keep up with Jacey on twitter, go to

Gia Corona loves boots, boys, and bourbon, not necessarily in that order. When she’s not
actively stalking Michael Fassbender and his abdominals, she’s watching questionable television or reading comics. You can find her at

In His Keeping By Maya Banks

Ari is a young girl, protected and coddled by her parents her whole life. But she has a secret to hide. When her parents are abducted, she follows her father’s drilled into her head advice and searches out Beau. Beau takes one look at Ari and decides he must help her.

“Let Doctor Carey at lease ease your physical pain. The emotional pain will be much harder to bear, but you’re strong, Ari. You have me. From this point forward, consider me your constant shadow. You will never be out of my eyesight unless I have men I absolutely trust surrounding you.”

I loved book 2 more than the first one. Ari is a strong character, who won’t take no for an answer. Beau is hotness on two legs and definitely knows how to prove it. Together, they stand through all kinds of unimaginable pain and danger. The action and adventure of this book has me wanting to reach for book 3.

“A really big O. Corny pun absolutely intended. ‘I think I just figured out what a g-spot is,’ she said in wonder. His chest rumbled with laughter and his teeth flashed as a grin widened on his face.”

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In His Keeping: A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels Book 2)

Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

Caleb is a man desperately looking for his sister. He tracks down a psychic who can find a missing person simply by touching something that was theirs. Ramie has been running from a madman, hiding wherever she can to get away. When Caleb finds her, neither of their lives will ever be the same.

Quote: “She stared bleakly at him, telling him without words that he’d struck a chord within her, and he was kicking himself for being so blunt. His words had to hurt her. It brought back with startling clarity just how dire her situation was. And he saw something in her eyes that made him want to put his fist through the wall.”

For the first book in a new paranormal series, this one was a goodie.  A few times through the book, I wanted to club Ramie in the head and tell her to shut up and listen. She is very stubborn. I loved Caleb and his whole hearted insistence that he was gonna take care of Ramie whether she liked it or not. They are brought together by a psycho serial killer. It’s got danger, suspense, love, hate, and crazy all mixed together. All in all, a must read for the Maya Banks fan!

Quote: “Caleb shot to his feet again. “The fuck I’m staying here! Ramie is mine. I love her. And I can’t for one minute let her continue to think that I did this to her! That it was me who handed her over to a psychopath.”

Otherworld series by Yasmine Galenorn

Myself and Marie are currently reading the Otherworld series by Yasmine Galenorn. I’m including the reading order with a link to the first book. After reading the first few books it reminds me of a tad of Anita Blake series by Laurel K. Hamilton. If you like paranormal books. I believe you will like this series. I have included the links to buy the first three books in the series. If you have any questions please let us know!

    1. Etched in Silver  (0.5)
  1. Witchling
  2. Changling
  3. Darkling
  4. Dragon Wytch
  5. Night Huntress
  6. Demon Mistress
    1. The Shadow of mist as found in the Never after Anthology (novella)
  7. Bone Magic
  8. Harvest Hunting
  9. BloodWyne
    1. Ice Chards (novella
  10. Courting Darkness
  11. Shaded Vision
  12. Shadow Rising
  13. Haunted Moon
  14. Autunm Whispers
  15. Crimson Veil
  16. Priestess Dreaming
  17. Panther Prowling
  18. Darkness Raging



Witchling (Sisters of the Moon, Book 1)

Changeling (Sisters of the Moon, Book 2)

Darkling (Sisters of the Moon, Book 3)